Poem on Depression: I’m okay

Someone told me- depression is like

the Dementor in Harry Potter Series

It wipes out all your happy memories

It sucks away your vigor for living

But to me, depression was a cruel friend

that took off all those swanky masks

I bought from the world in return of

all the worldly adjectives I earned

It left my soul- naked, alone

on a cold street, in a dark night

I could see no one any more

It was all about me henceforth

What all could I do when I knew

That there was nobody to judge me

That I didn’t have to carry the load

Of unfulfilled dreams and heavy expectations

Of every one around me

I could pick any high bass songs

And dance like there’s no tomorrow

Or I could lift my pen

And scribble down a story

Only my heart knows

Or I could dip my fingers

in the paint tub and rub them

over all the walls in the city

Oh, all the things I could do

Yet my body was too tired

and too scared to leave the bed

So I rested and I waited

Waited till the clouds were exhausted

Rested till my body could rise

Once I watched this movie ‘Tamasha’

In the climax, an old man asked

“Andar Kya Hai?”

And that’s precisely what depression asked

When I looked in the mirror

My reflection stared back at me

And asked- What is it that you want?

And like always, I was perplexed

What should I do?

Should I smash all the mirrors at home?

Or, buy some more, one for every angle of view?

And I chose those mirrors

That’s why I am no more

The nice and fine person you knew

I let go

I forget

I disappoint

I leave

I break away

But, I am okay

For the first time in life,

I am really okay!!


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