The Demon Inside Me

They say everyone has a demon to fight,

I have met mine.

It sits between my heart and throat,

I fear if it wakes up,

It won’t let me move.

I fear, either it would pierce my heart open

or project my inner darkness on the world.

Sometimes I fight, often I lose;

I sit silently for hours until it goes.

I threaten I would kill it,

But it only burns and explodes like lava;

If you kill me, you’re gone too, it says.

So be it, sometimes I think,

But then, I think of those days…

When the ghost sleeps to its heart’s content.

How brighter the sun seems;

How sweeter the flowers smell;

The moon shines clearer,

And the breeze soothes all the pain…

For those days, I choose to live my friend!

This poem was featured here.

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