A Leap of Faith

A leap of faith
It takes sometimes
To be on the other side

Never mind 
Your hands are cuffed

Never mind 
Your voice is choked

Never mind
Your legs are hurt

Never mind
Your head is heavy

A leap of faith
Would take you 
To the right place

You see the darkness
It's a blindfold
On your mind
You just have 
To wait for the 
Right time

You feel the love 
Is lost
It's just your heart
Refusing to accept
You just have 
To let it go

It is easy 
To preach
But never 
To play

The ways of
The mind
Are difficult
To comprehend
But pretend
It's a game

Just a game
You win some
You lose some

But sweat it out
Give it your
Hundred percent
For the cup of glory
Would be yours one day 

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