As a small kid, I yearned for an elder sister. I did have cousins who were in their late teens. But they lived in the village and we could afford to visit them only once a year- during the summer vacation. Summers in rural Odisha during the early ’90s when inverters were yet to become a thing was particularly difficult. But even the Sun God … Continue reading Smile

Inspiration #1: Rangoli

Symmetry is boring but colors are awesome. Everytime we talk of rangoli, first two keywords that rank the highest must be colors and symmetry so last Diwali I just decided to chuck the concept of symmetry and play around with the traditional theme of Lakshmi-Ganesh. Lets see how many of the figures are clearly distinguishable: 1. Goddess Lakshmi with gold earrings and gold nose-ring blessing … Continue reading Inspiration #1: Rangoli