Who do you love more?



“O my beloved Radha,

Why are you so far from me?

Won’t you see my face for one last time?

Now that my worldly duties summon me.”

“O Krishna, the lotus-eyed boy I fell in love with,

I know I can’t stop you from going.

But how would you go without your flute?

This flute is certainly dearer to you.

This flute that has the power to spellbound nature.

This flute that even stops the rivers from flowing.

Maybe if I keep you away from your flute,

The time might stop as well.

“O my sweet innocent Radha,

Time stops for no one, not even for me.

The entire world is waiting for me.

But I cannot leave without your permission.

You said I love my flute more than you.

But how can you measure love?

No action in this world can fathom the depth of love.

Love can range from sacrifice to obsession.

It can create life and destroy life as well.

In this world of material, love is never found alone.

It is accompanied by expectations, jealousy, greed, and desire.

No two love is the same.

How do I tell you if who I love more?

But there is one thing that you already know,

And I want to remind you again.

There is no magic in the flute.

It is my love, pure, and unadulterated that is expressed through the divine music.

This music is soothing enough to heal the hearts of men, women, cows, birds alike.

They give up their regrets of the past and worry of the future and live in the moment.

The flute is not my love, it is a mere instrument to express love.

And you, I do not love you Radhe!

How can I love you?

You, who is the other half of my soul. We are one.

There is no love between us.

We are love.

It is beyond the societal definition of relationships to identify us.

You and I- are one soul and two bodies.

I am leaving a part of myself here, my birthplace.

From today onwards, you are both Radha and Krishna for Gokul.

And I, I would become many things- a warrior, a king, a strategist.

But the world would always know me as a cow herder who was head-over-heels in love with a girl called Radha.”



Disclaimer: It’s not a religious or mythological post. I am trying to write some lines based on my paintings. This one depicts Radha sitting on a tree with Krishna’s flute while Krishna trying to cajole Radha to come down. For those who do not know, Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, a Hindu deity. According to mythology, he was destined to kill his own uncle Kansa fearing which Kansa had ordered to kill all the children his sister bore. But when Krishna was born, he was transferred to the land of Gokul by his father Vasudev. He was brought up by Yashoda and Nanda. He met Radha there and they fell in love. When the right time came, Krishna had to leave Gokul to return to his destiny of killing Kansa and establish dharma in the country. Radha and Krishna separated but such pious is their love that in India, Krishna and Radha are worshipped together in the temples. 

This conversation is a figment of my imagination. It takes place when Krishna comes to meet Radha before leaving Gokul forever. 




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