The Boiling Point Of Blood

Can I ask you a question?
You sure can.

What’s the boiling point of water?
It’s 100-degree Celsius I suppose.

What’s the boiling point of blood?
Why do you ask such an absurd question?

Well, I’ve always had my haemoglobin low.
So, I wonder that’s where all my blood goes.

It boils & evaporates in the thin air
Every time I hear a girl is mentioned.

A girl… is always praised for being obedient, docile, beautiful, lovely, chaste, gorgeous, responsible, humble, homely, classy, vivacious, fair, skinny, thoughtful, well-behaved, sexy, emotional.

What’s wrong with that?
Oh… still counting….very well then

The same girl… is otherwise called flirty, slutty, bossy, high-maintenance, bitchy, needy, vain, dumb, fat, famished, hormonal, PMSing, hysterical, illogical, irrational, pushy, sassy, shrill.

Well… that’s not all women…

Some do deserve it, you say.
Do you remember? so many times,
you forget to attach these adjectives to men.

An angry man is always an angry man.
He’s not PMSing or bossy or arrogant.

A romantic man is a romantic man.
He’s not needy, clingy or possessive.

Why do moods exist for men as if they are normal
and as a flaw for a woman?

Why can’t a woman live without adjectives
as they can’t live without a man’s surname?

You’re just overthinking…
I sure am…
But why shouldn’t I?

For every morning I wake up
these are checklists I carry along
That of a good daughter, a dutiful wife,
a responsible mother, an ambitious employee,
a careful woman.
The checklists that are never ticked off
Till we die.

So I escape, run far away
I never talk to people, never read the news,
never see the comments, never care for views.

All I want for my entertainment are fairy tales
& unrealistic rom-coms

For that’s the only place for girls with “flaws”
You can be goofy, arrogant, bossy, fat, dark,
lonely but miraculously, you will always end up
being loved for who you are.

So, my dear doctor,
Don’t prescribe me drugs.
Suggest me some good old movies.

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