Random thoughts-3

Everyday, you give me a reason to fight-
to fight with me, to fight with you.
Everyday, you make me feel like color blue.

Even though I know-
you are a stranger
to me, to my feelings,
My heart recognizes you
as someone own.

Even today when I am alone
on the deserted roads of life
I look for you
I expect you to come
and see my tears.
I long for your arms
to circle around me
to assure that you are there.
But, though the mind knows,
the heart denies
that you were never there for me-
any time
any day
any way

You are a stranger now
though you are always there-
in my talk
in my habits
in my life.
No one recognizes you
drawn on my face.

Can I ask you one favor
Please turn back and
make me cry.
Make me cry
for its your right
B’coz I am the one in love
I am the foolest in the world.

Why did you make me feel
that you were there for me
when you could not make me believe
all the things that you made me see.
It hurts me more than the fact
that you dont care or even act.
I never asked for your love
just wanted to own all your sorrows,
I followed you blindly
just to hold you when you stumble.

But, you never heard
what I had to say
b’coz you never had the time
to look beyond your territory.
Though you are miles away from me
I am always within your reach
still, you never call for me
b’coz of course, I am not good enough.
If you think a million apologies can make it ok
I am a billion times sorry for myself.

Although we are strangers now,
we were once known to each other
and now I am all alone
trying to forget what I know
about you and what you were
and learn the new you and new me.

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