Is it a dream…..


It was a lovely day……
The Sun had already gloomed
and was too tired to stand straight.
Clouds intermingled to form a mesh
to protect the Sun from falling down.
Moist breeze bathed in Earth’s scent
came forward to sway the cradle of Nature.
I too was playing…
with my small black locks,
running my fingers through the hair.
It was obvious…
I was trying to hide my face-
blushing red with the feeling of love
like a rose hiding in the bushes.
It was a small rendezvous…
With a piece of memory from forgotten dreams
With a white flag on a defeated ship
And it was like a time machine…
Pushing me back by ages
Into some Paleolithic age I guess-
When human emotions were nude
When words were not cooked
Hearts were not made up of bricks
Pretention was not discovered
Fake smiles were not invented
When life was as playful as an ape.


But something is pulling me back-
Back into my time, into my dimension
It is some string as strong as a chain
Which has gripped me firmly
And tied my feet with shackles.
It’s pulling me upside down
It’s snatching my ground away
And I am all alone-
Baseless, dangling in air.
The sky can’t hold the rope anymore
It slips and I fall – in an unknown direction.
The ceiling cracks, light oozing out of the crevices.
Sky sweats with a sigh of relief from weight.
A drop  brushes past my forehead
Through eyebrows to my cheeks.
I am wet…
Is it tear or a drop of rain?
It’s raining….
I am leaning over the boundary of my balcony…
Was I dreaming with my eyes open?
Got wet in the rain-
With my soul drenched as well.
The memories I always push away
Become irresistible on a rainy day.
And I fall in love with those memories ….
And so I am on the dark empty streets again
To relive the moments I have lost forever.
The smoke from the roadside tandoor
 is blinding me and clouding my mind
with a maze created by questions
posed by my heart.
It seems my heart is not ready
To give in before the domineering brain,
It does not approve my decision
To discard my ailing parts.
It wants to supply blood to the tumor
Which will nourish on my blood
Only to rupture my heart into pieces.
Is my brain too selfish
Or is my heart too naïve
 in this world full of perfectionists?


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