Women’s Day Special: 30 songs for everyday situations women face

Enough of sad, angry and depressing posts. This post is a bit long, but I bet you would thoroughly enjoy it.

We go through so many things in course of our day- a nearing deadline, maid on leave, criticism from family, unable to take time to meet your friends, no time for hobbies. Life is so hectic that we often get overwhelmed. This is my coping mechanism- Songs. I call myself a song doctor- I heal my bad moods with songs.

I have several playlists based on my moods but the one I am sharing with you all is my favorite. It’s the playlist for the feminists. It’s full of songs about self-love, self-care, confidence, etc. Hope you’ll would like it.

Please don’t forget to comment if you have some other songs on mind. Building a playlist requires a lot of song suggestions.

1. Mood: Every time you feel you failed, and people are telling you, you can’t do something

Failing once or twice or thrice doesn’t matter till you don’t give up. Don’t listen to people what they say. Don’t run their race.Remember all the stories of hare and the turtle, crow and the water and the king and the spider? It’s time to stop listening to people around you and get your childhood back- the time when you believed you can walk and despite of falling several times, you did!

2. When you are being criticized by everyone, you feel down and lonely and you need a friend for sympathy

You are just having a bad day like everyone does. You are ok irrespective of whatever they say. You are just having a bad day. Sleep over it or go out, meet some friends. If possible, take a small vacay. Whatever you do but promise you don’t accept you are not capable.

3. When you are hit by happy and silly memories. You are smiling at the mirror but also wondering what happened to those carefree days.

Growing up is a process- painful but educating. Meaning of life and happiness and friendship might have changed but this is a part of your life too. And remember, whatever you are going through now, tomorrow these would become a part of your silly and goofy memories too. So sit back and enjoy.

4. You don’t like to be the bad person but sometimes you just can’t take all the s@#t! You plan the perfect revenge (in a civil way of course or in your dreams at least) and want to tell your enemy that you are not the old paavam soul

Being good is very good but sometimes taking in too much poison can be bad for your health. A little meanness, a rude confrontation or a straight forward no can do some good to your mental health.

5. When you fall in love with yourself all over again- just too much to let go of yourself

Bruno Mars is your man- Confess your love to yourself

I don’t care about the lyrics, everytime I hear these songs, I swear I blush.

6. You are so frustrated with all the criticism about how you look, how you walk and how you talk, that you think its funny. So, tell them who the boss is.

I just love Meghan Trainor for this super funny song. It is like ‘swag’ written everywhere.

So, chin up, tits up and get ready to walk like a queen. No body owns you. You are like an intricate handloom, unique and a masterpiece.

7. You want to tell your haters that they are just wasting their time. You won’t give up. You would rise up the ashes every time, like a phoenix.

Can you feel the energy? The confidence flowing through your blood? That is the real you. Don’t let these garbs cover your light. You are not made for the darkness. You shine girl!


8. You are exhausted but yet to reach the goal. You need a war cry to become your fierce self.

For the rare occasions I hit the gym, these are my anthems.

9. You are body shamed, that you are too fat or too thin, that you cant learn dance, that you can’t be an actress, that you can’t run in a marathon, ask them this question

Who apart from you can tell you what you are supposed to do? Ignore them. They don’t know your struggles. They are not there to support so they are no one to criticize.

10. Days when you feel proud of yourself. You do a small cat walk and pat your own back. Don’t forget to play this song in the background.

You have come so far baby. Looking back, could you have imagined that one day you would achieve so much. Never bow down. Keep flying higher and higher.

11. You feel amused how the world around you tries to fool you and stop you by presenting lame logic in the name of culture, biology, religion etc.

How many times, just how many times would you have to hear the same thing again and again till they understand. These words just have no value for you unless supported by logic. You were born equal and hence, you need your 50% share, an equal say.

12. You are too good to hurt anyone, even though you know your own people are doing wrong to you. You are scared that your confrontation can lead to cracks in relationship

Ever heard this? Those who care don’t mind. Those who mind don’t care. It’s time to let go of toxic relationships.

13. You are a strong-headed woman. You speak your mind, but it often doesn’t go well with others’ popular idea of a woman. They call you arrogant, haughty and a bad influence. But what’s wrong with being confident?

Who says only men mean rough and tough?

14. People say women can’t be friends. They judge, criticize and hate one another. But that’s not true. Girl power is the best power. Send some good vibes to other women.

From morning breakfast to late night pillow talks, who is the most in-demand creature in the world? The girls!

15. You are bullied at school and college by others. You try too hard to fit in but you seem to be different, weird actually. You look in the mirror thinking about what’s wrong with you.

I spent years trying to make everyone happy around me and ended up being depressed. Sometimes, the only person who you should try to make happy is you because happiness is contagious.

16. A girl from a small town, making it big in a city. Sometimes you just want to give yourself a small break. Go on a road trip, climb a mountain, soak your leg in pond water.

Bonus Song

Because you are amazing girl!

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