Stone and Glass


She was naive and innocent
He was kind and prudent
She was like a glass heart
He was a rock-solid mind

She lived thinking something was missing
He lived believeing nothing in world mattered
But everything changed when they met one day

It was raining that day but love was pouring
They were never supposed to meet
Still, they met.
Was it destiny?
Was it a calling?
It could have been love at first sight
But it was not

For they felt they already knew each other
That day, They didn’t even greet
Just acknowledged each other’s existence
Her dreams suddenly got a name
His eyes started wandering towards her face
She couldn’t decipher this code
And he mistook it as a friendly urge

“Friends?”, he asked one evening
“Yes”, she readily took the bait
The magnet between them grew stronger
Little did they know, it was a black hole

Her heart kept falling deeper & deeper
While his head started rising to the clouds
“This is perfect”, she realised
“This is not what I seek”, he said

She lost her heart to his practical mind
He couldn’t take his mind off her weak heart
Love & friendship were the cost they paid
When Heart and Head collided

Year after year, she yearned for his love
With every passing year, his decision got stronger
Her belief in love got pricked by her broken heart
Seeing her condition, his conviction was proved right

And thus, they started again
from where they met
This time,
Her Heart became stone
His Head became glass

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