A small note to the voice in my head

Dear voice in my head,
Ever since I learned languages, I taught you how to put forward your opinions and take a stand. When I was a kid, I reflected you like a mirror. People used to laugh at you but adore me. When I grew up, my parents and teachers conspired against you and convinced me somehow to listen to you selectively. I confess many a time I completely agreed with you but went against you to make everyone happy. I still remember the day when I witnessed an accident. You urged me to take the injured person to the hospital but I rebuked you and acted like I saw nothing. You were very upset with me that day. I almost broke your heart the day I decided to go against your wish to pursue arts and enrolled myself in a prestigious engineering college. I broke your trust and you never spoke to me for several days.
But since last month, your behaviour has been weird. You have become too aggressive, almost impossible to be calmed down. I visited a psychiatrist and she told me you have teamed up with two intruders- anxiety and depression to create havoc in my life. To be honest, I really cherished our relationship and though I admit, I have been selfish at times, taken you for granted but the truth is that I love you. You have inspired me on days gloomier than an eclipse. You have shunned me from trusting toxic people. You have given me strength to make sound decisions.
Please accept my sincerest apologies and come back to your normal self. I request you not to be so possessive and let me talk to people and concentrate on other things. I promise that in future I would always be considerate towards you and respect your decisions.
Your confused friend

One response to “A small note to the voice in my head”

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