Hope will find its way…..

Days were sunny and bright
Air was cool and breezy
The earth covered with grass
The sky was clear as glass

I lived in the valley of flowers
Held up by an arc called rainbow
The butterflies were my allies
Sweetest dreams abode my eyes

One day, the sun gloomed
Chilly winds replaced the breeze
I knew the day had come
I had to leave my sweet home

Like a sparrow with new wings
I left my nest with suffering
The world outside was a maze
All I could see was a dark cave

The winding path would lead nowhere
So I chose the darkest way there
But to my sorrow it was a trap
For a door closed the lighted gap


I was at the start of a journey
And I was at the end as well
There was no direction to venture
A strangling gloom was no adventure

Where no ray of hope could penetrate
No air could leak into the vacuum
Nothing that the mortal would ever sense
There was an endless saga of silence

I unleashed a chain of thoughts
In hope atleast one will echo back
One of the thoughts broke away
Like water running over castle of clay

An atom of light should I say
Or was it optimism unexplained
But something was there, I felt
On my shoulder it amiably dwelt

A stranger with familiar hand
Trying to reach out to help
Asking me to flow with the stream
Should I trust this momentary gleam?

A hope intermittently flickered
And vanished at once in no time
But my endless chase would not cease
For I traded my dreams for a promise

Stretching my arms, I opened my palms
And prayed the unknown to settle upon
I wished the time came to a halt
And the small solace could exalt

Little did I know about the life then
y pursuit ended on a sunlit shore
My soothing light lost somewhere
In the blinding scorching solar flare

A voyage from darkness to day
Ended with a tearful farewell
The heart followed the intellect’s behest
To start again another lonely quest


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