Book Review: God is a gamer

It seems that Blogadda is hell-bent on making me read thrillers but I can’t complain because I loved both the books. In contrast to Private India which focuses more on India, God is a gamer focuses on global affairs. Although both the books are very different in stories and plots, one thing is common- Brilliant showcase of turns and twists that glue your eyes to the pages.
Now something on the book:
Summary of the Book (From Flipkart)
Aditya is an entrepreneur, running his own gaming company. The arrival of a part-time drug dealer and full-time genius named Varun turns Aditya’s struggling company’s fortunes around. However, things are not as they seem. A banker slips from the rooftop of a high-rise building and falls to his death. A finance minister with his heart on his sleeve discovers that he has made some promises which will cost him far too much. An explosion in Washington D.C. leads the FBI to a chase in Mumbai. The investigators begin to plummet down a world where bitcoins are the only meaningful form of currency. Here, everything is governed by the Dark Net, a group of nefarious websites dealing with illegal transactions. In this world, God is a Gamer, martyrs are villains, the hunters become the hunted and the ancient Greeks teach the secrets of assassination. In this new novel, nothing is what it seems.
About Ravi Subramanian
Ravi Subramanian is an Indian banker turned financial-crime writer. His books If God was a Banker, The Bankster, Devil in Pinstripes and The Incredible Banker are all bestselling titles.
Mr. Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. He is currently the head of a leading financial institution. He has won the Economist Crossword Book Award twice for his previous books.
Now… My Thoughts
I have just learnt the power of three in communication which I am going to use here.
What I liked…..
a) Small Chapters
Chapters are very small which makes it very easy and convenient to read. For people like me who are scared of the volume of the book, the sense of achievement on completing a chapter within minutes is very rewarding. Story is well paced except at few points.
b) Well connected to recent events
Story is well connected to recent popular innovations and products candy crush. The mention of recent events help readers connect with the plot more and also compels them to ponder over them.
c) Informational
Apart from being interesting, concepts of bitcoins, onion routers etc were informational. For a layman who reads about bitcoins etc. in newspapers but never bothers to google, this novel is a good General Knowledge booster.
What I did not like…..
a) Character sketch not that strong
Too many cooks spoil the food. There were so many sub plots in the novel that there was not a single character that came out strong. While the reader gets familiar to a character, the chapter changes and the rhythm breaks.
b) End not very convincing
After 200+ pages of awesomeness, reader expects an ending equally suited but he’s disappointed. The motive behind all the crimes does not seem to be convincing enough.
c) Final chapter too abrupt
Compared to other chapters which are well paced and successful in keeping the readers engrossed, the last chapter is like a roller coaster ride that takes the reader to the highest point and drops him. It’s too abrupt as if the author just wanted to finish off the novel.
My verdict
Although bumpy, the journey of God is a Gamer was a cherishable one for me. I would give a four star to the first ever bitcoin thriller.


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