Revisiting the Oldest Story on Friendship

We have great stories about Ram, Sita, Krishna and Radha but the way we learn from them is still not fully understood to me. We revere Ram and Sita and want to emulate them. We take vows of Bhagvad Gita, the song of Krishna. Yet, when it comes to his two biggest relationships, with Radha and Sudama, we either term them as divine affairs or … Continue reading Revisiting the Oldest Story on Friendship

World Full of Strangers

Sometimes, a good story inspires you to write your own. It’s a vicious circle of stories all around us- stories that make strangers your best friends and sometimes compel you to question your own existence. Smart phone, tablet, phablet, iPad, Kindle etc- so many innovations, so much convenience. However, listening to stories from fellow passengers in a second class train compartment has been the best … Continue reading World Full of Strangers