Just be.

Corel vines /bee bush whose chief function in my view is to uplift your mood by just being there.

A king commanded waves to be still and got his feet wet in return!

All these years I have been in delusion that the chief hero of the story was the king Cnut’s ego and the moral to be learnt was that you cannot control any or everything . Although this indeed is a good lesson but if we peep in deeper , hero of the story is the other half of the proverb- the šŸŒŠ waves – epitome of perseverance, consistence and patience ! Despite being a victim of unwanted controlling authority , it does its work- slowly, silently, undettered.
How many times do we face the tide courageously while playing the victim? We don’t ! We give up ! We are disappointed.

Have you seen AA pencil batteries of a TV remote , or just another tiny bulbet in a string of twinkling lights, or a coy Indian bride supposed to adjust in an entirely new family on her own , or the upper crust of the Chapatti that is supposed to swell and become soft being over the open fire! Have you received a “redo” in your 15th assignment sheet, yet went ahead and made the 16th? ( I did that cheerfully! šŸ™‹)

Answer is Perseverance, consistence and strength . Perform while being a victim , do your work relentless of pressure and control . Don’t give up ! After all every superpower and superhero don’t wear capes , sometimes they play victim. And that is where the golden chance lies! Under profile gives you a million chance to grow !
This Diwali shoo away any traces of disappointment or depression in any form . You become the brightest, most glamorous Diya , light up ! Just be ! Be there !


Ā© shivangi

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